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Today Cora from Studio Neeltje invited me over to get acquainted. She is graphic designer and illustrator. A while ago she read an interview about my work in a local magazine and was struck by our similarities: we both studied Advertising at the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam, we both lived in Rotterdam for about 10 years on the first floor and had a small balcony on the North and now moved to Barendrecht, we both have one small child, a son.. Today we found out we have a lot more in common: we both love second-hand shops, chocolate cookies, HEMA, old furniture from a great shop in Amsterdam called Van Dijk en Ko, theatre.. (and there are even a few similarities Cora doesn't know about yet like we both have the same conservatory added onto the house and her colourful guirlande with the paper butterflies...I have that one too! It is crazy!)

But thanks Cora, for inviting me. It was really nice to meet you and I think that besides our similarities we have lots of differences to inspire each other with in the future!

Please check out the website of Studio Neeltje and find out all about her happy little creatures or go to Cora's inspiring blog.

Designed by Studio Neeltje

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  1. Hi Celinda,

    I really enjoyed meeting you too and I knew when I read the article about you we just had to meet.
    I had a right feeling that we would have a lot in common, but -wow- this much? These are the times when I wonder if coincidence actually exists.

    I am looking forward seeing you again, and inspire you. You have certainly inspired me already!

    -Xx- Cora