Yesterday was a day full of unexpected finds.

Found the perfect dress in a vintage clothing store in Rotterdam. A gold-rimmed black dress, very cheap but chic at the same time. The most important reason I bought this dress is that it shows it's 'handmade with passion'. I usually don't like it when clothes are too obviously home made. But this time it was different cause I just could feel this woman went the extra mile to make it look perfect on her. How could I not buy this dress?! I imagined that long ago this woman designed the dress herself to impress some nice man. She sketched it over and over again on squared paper to finally come op with the perfect design. She spent hours behind her old sewing machine to make it flatter her womanly curves. Although the fabric is not high quality, she just didn't have much money, she made it look as chic as possible. I really hope she impressed the lad! But I'm sure it looked great on her. And I surely will wear it with pride.

It's a pity she didn't sew her phone number on some little tag in the back of the garnment. Wish I could call her to let her know this dress is enjoying a second life on a woman with the exact same curves!

Found a beautiful poem line on my way back from the city centre spray-painted on the pavement.

It says:
'Ik leg je in mijn oog en zie door jou de wereld'
'Laid you in my eye and I see the world'

I love to be surprised by poetry in unexpected places.

Found a package with sweet gifts from my sis on my doormat when I came home..


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