Years ago I lived near an antique shop. I passed this shop countless times but never paid any attention to it cause it looked dark and kind of creepy inside. One day though, it was different. While passing the shop-window a large framed antique photograph of a woman caught my eye. Her long hair flowed in loose waves around her face and down her shoulders. She elegantly posed with a coal black horse. It was such a mysterious photo. Since then, whenever I passed the shop, I just had to stop and look. Was this woman flirting with me?

After a few months I decided to go and buy the portrait. Instead of the photograph there was a big 'For Rent' sign in the shop-window. I couldn't believe it, I was too late! The woman and the horse were gone without a trace.

The photo looked more or less like this old French postcard from around 1900. 

But..life reveals great coincidences at times.

Shara Worden, alias My Brightest Diamond, is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist I adore. I wanted to blog about her great music, style and creativity and stumbled  upon pictures of her posing with a horse! She used this old style photography concept and her elegant classical looks to create amazing contemporary images. As you can see, even though a century has passed, the concept still is interesting and powerful.

Here's one of my favorite songs of My Brightest Diamond:
'I Have Never Loved Someone'.

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