There I was, 8.48am, laying on the pavement.

At 8.47 I was on my way to the office while giving myself a mental boost by thinking that, although I felt really terrible cause of a bad cold, at least I looked great in my new red trousers matching my red boots. Seconds after: BAM! Flat on the face.

For a moment I was just laying there, astonished at what happened. I wished the wind would lift me up like a leaf, high into the sky, blowing me to my home, through my bedroom window, onto my soft green pillow. But there was no wind and I wasn't a leaf. I felt like a brick, heavy and clumsy. I had no other choice than to stand up and move, quickly wiping the sand off my red trousers. Move like nothing had happened, like I didn't have sore hands and a throbbing head. Just move on and keep my head up.


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  1. poor you, it happens to us all sometimes : ) hope your hands and head aren't sore anymore.