Ever since I was small I enjoyed having a place to withdraw from the busy world outside. A place where I could be on my own every now and then, day dreaming, finding peace of mind through sketching, painting and creating. My parents created a great room for me. They covered the walls with cork so I could pin my sketches and posters on them. My dad made me a giant wooden desk so I could be creative without worrying about making a mess. I'm very thankful for what they did for me and I'm trying to give the same to my son. I encourage him to be expressive, use big paper instead of small and tell him not to draw inside but outside the lines of the colouring pictures at school, even though the teacher tells him not to :).

Nowadays my hide away is my atelier in the attic. This is where the magic happens:

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  1. Wat een inspirerende plek en mooi verhaal over de kamer van je jeugd!