Crowd-funding has become popular over the last years. Lots of cultural, artistic and design initiatives have already been made possible thanks to this kind of funding. And it even works for urbanism! An example is the 'I make Rotterdam' project, an initiative of the IABR in collaboration with the architectural bureau ZUS. It's a crowd-funded project to build a 350m public pedestrian bridge called 'Luchtsingel' to make the district around Rotterdam central station more attractive. Every individual has the possibility to buy a piece of the bridge, a wooden shelf which gets imprinted with the name of the person or organisation. Some people use the shelf in a creative way for example to express their love for someone or to share a quote or spiritual message. When you are in Rotterdam and you're interested in crowd-funding, it's nice to go and have a look. It's a pity that the shelves are not high quality but it still is a nice project which enhances some kind of togetherness. And maybe you'll spot my name somewhere..

r'dam street art by dante horoiwa

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