This blog post, which I wrote the day before yesterday but didn't post yet because I wanted to add some more pictures, was meant to be a happy post. I wrote about my companion Tom, my black and white cat, who likes to be near whenever I'm working. About the way he always sits and sleeps on top of my drawings while I'm illustrating. About how much I love him doing this! It all became a memory yesterday morning, when the animal rescue called because they found him dead, hit by a car. Today I'm so sad. I still can't believe I lost my dearest Tom.

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  1. Oh my, I wish you nothing but strength the next couple of brought tears to my eyes reading about Tom.
    You have wonderfull photo's of him....I hope this will help cherish all those wonderfull moments you had with him..
    good luck!

  2. I'm so sorry, what a sad news....And don't know what to say and I don't know you but I send you a virtual hug!

  3. Zooo triest!!! Sterkte! Wij hebben ooit eens hetzelfde meegemaakt met onze eerste poes Flow.
    Ik moest bijna huilen van je blogje, na 4 jaar zit het verdriet er nog steeds wat. Blijf je mooie herinneringen koesteren!
    Moed en sterkte,
    liefs Els

  4. Bless you, dear Celinda, I'm so sorry for your loss... He was such a beautiful kitty! I still remember the day my beloved Toby suffered the same fate, back when I was 18! We try and keep our precious Molly-cat close (she's 4 years old), but cars are a constant threat *sigh*
    Sending healing thoughts to your broken heart x

  5. Oh Celinda, wat vreselijk...
    Ik ben vorig jaar mijn Tom kwijtgeraakt, ook zwart-wit, ook de grootste knuffelaar. Mis hem nog zo vaak!
    Sterkte met al die rottige tegenslagen... :(

  6. Thank you all so much for your kind words! C.