:: New belles dames on antique crockery! ::

Eerst waren er vier Franse dames op antiek porselein. Vanaf nu zullen er acht nieuwe dames bijkomen. Zachtjes zullen ze Franse woordjes fluisteren over liefde, vriendschap en het leven.

- Mimi & Emilienne -

- Elise -
- Marguerit -

- Ida -

:: Cushion Covers ::

I've been working on new products these last few months: cushion covers!
I'm very excited to show you the first examples!

There are 3 different prints in black on natural heavy canvas, combined with a bright colored dot and different colored backs. They are carefully screen printed and sewn by hand.

The cushion covers are being sewn together at this moment and will appear in the shop I think in two weeks! If you would like to pre-order please send an email to celindaversluis@hotmail.com

***   Limited Edition!  ***

To start with, there are only 60 cushion covers (20 of each lady) so be fast to order!
Cushion cover: € 37,95 (excl. shipping costs)
Size: 40 x 40 cm

:: Celinda goes abroad ::

Up to 9 pages celinda. & ladies in issue 3 of 'Magazine for paper lovers' - FlowInternational, sold in 20 countries around the world. I just go with the flow..

:: Flowery envelope for snail mail in Flow ::

In this month's issue of the Dutch Flow AND Flow Magazine International there's a beautiful large (almost A4 size) envelope with one of my 'dames' on the cover. The name of this lady is 'Ida', a intuitive person who doesn't look at the outward appearance of people, but at the heart.

You can use this envelope to store your important personal letters, little handwritten notes, beautiful poems or small things you treasure in.

:: Two times l.o.v.e. ::

My big sis and I when we were about five and three. Buddies for life!
photography: Caroline Coehorst / styling: Anne-Marie Rem

:: And the winning quote is...::

Dear Lita! I really love your quote (below) from the movie 'Le Huitieme Jour'. The Flow calendar 2014 with Les Belles Dames is coming your way this week!

Thanks everyone for participating with inspiring French words about love and friendship!

:: Lady in ink ::

Ohww, I really love drawing with ink! I love the challenge, ink is obviously permanent, there's no going back.

This A3 size, one-of-a-kind portrait of lady 'Beatrice' is already sold, it was an assignment. If you are interested in such a portait, please feel free to contact me through email!

:: Beautiful new ladies on postcards ::

Please allow me to introduce you to the new 'Belles Dames': (1) Elise, (2) Josephine, (3) Emilienne, (4) Antoinette, (5) Ida, (6) Mimi, and (7)Marguerit.

These elegant women, inspired on women on old French postcards, are seven of sixteen new 'Belles Dames' I illustrated last Summer.

In the shop there are two fresh sets of four different greeting cards with the ladies, professionaly printed on thick 300 grams paper. I combined my original illustrations with images of flowers I found on vintage porcelain. I added sweet French words of love.

The postcards come with vintage craft envelopes, inside a cellophane sleeve. 

Buy them here!

:: Tom ::

This blog post, which I wrote the day before yesterday but didn't post yet because I wanted to add some more pictures, was meant to be a happy post. I wrote about my companion Tom, my black and white cat, who likes to be near whenever I'm working. About the way he always sits and sleeps on top of my drawings while I'm illustrating. About how much I love him doing this! It all became a memory yesterday morning, when the animal rescue called because they found him dead, hit by a car. Today I'm so sad. I still can't believe I lost my dearest Tom.

:: "For it is in giving that we receive." ::

I will * GIVE AWAY * one copy of the new Flow 2014 calendar with my illustrations of the new 'Belles Dames'!
All you have to do is respond to this post with the most beautiful French quote about love or friendship. Something Emilienne (cover) could have written in nice cursive handwriting on a postcard to her loved one.
I'll pick a winner by the end of this month!

:: Flow Calendar 2014 with Les Belles Dames! ::

I'm very proud magazine Flow asked me to illustrate elegant and strong women like my original 'Belles Dames' for their new block-calendar 2014! Since this week the calendars are for sale in most book stores and some well-known luxury department stores in the Netherlands. I already had a copy at home but this morning it was the first time that I saw a pile of them in the book store. They looked so fresh and elegant! We celebrated at Villa Augustus.

On the cover there's natural beauty Emilienne. I drew many new belles dames, sixteen to be exact (so now there are 20), and they all have their own style and personality. You'll find their names and a description of their characters on the last page of the calendar. But of course I will also introduce them to you in later posts on this blog.

Hope you're excited to meet the ladies!

Gros bisous,

:: Screenprinting Workshop ::

Yesterday I finally visited Urlaub in Utrecht. Not only for checking up on my 'belles dames' at the shop and meeting kind owner Ellen, but also to do a screenpinting workshop hosted by great designer Femke from Windstilte. It loved it! We learned to print simple shapes on fabric. I designed a kind of tribal shape and printed it on a scarf in black. I finished the design with a pattern of small squares in fluor pink. A simple technique with awesome result! Of course I took home a nice DIY screenprint kit. Oh my, my head is full with new printing concepts! I hope I have time for more printing expiriments soon!

A nice thing happened while I was at Urlaub. After finishing the scarf I walked out the working space into the shop to cool down a bit (I always get overheated during creative process!:) and to have a look at all illustrated things. At that moment there was a woman in the shop and it happened to be Maaike, one of my buyers. What a nice coincedence! I was very happy to meet this lovely lady and see the smile behind the name.

Cushions and towels made by Femke Veltkamp

:: Immer Urlaub in Utrecht ::

A fresh new concept store called Urlaub opened its doors a week ago in Utrecht. It is a candy store for illustration and graphic design lovers! I'm very proud to have my ceramics for sale in this shop. I'm planning go there very soon to check up on my ladies and have a look at (and for sure buy!) some beautiful printed goodies.

An impression of Urlaub (and Les Belles Dames at 0.22 - 0.25):

URLAUB from marieke wijnen on Vimeo.