:: Les maisons des belles dames ::

These last few weeks I've been adding lots of new items to my online Etsy shop, including these four plates of my belles dames. When I once illustrated these four women in ink on paper it were just sketches of elegant French women. But after I made screenprints of them and started to use the women in different ways on my teapots and plates, they more and more became real women to me. In my imagination they all have their own personality and style: Jeanne introvert, Marie Louise very balanced, Helene romanic and chique and Madeleine young and witty. On this set of plates I also gave them a home that fits their lifestyle. I am very delighted about the way they turned out and I will definitely use these combinations on other items in the future.

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  1. Hi Celinda,
    I love plates but are not available on etsy!
    I also painted plates.
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    Kisses. Have a nice day!