:: Flowery cake plate ::

The last few days different people asked me if I still have the flowery plate which I try to hold elegantly on the picture below :). The answer is: no I don't! I sold it last week to a couple in America who want to surprise somebody with this plate cause this person did something very special for them. So..are you living in America and did you do something very special for somebody recently? Maybe this plate is coming your way..!

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  1. Hi, my name is Fabiana, I'm from Brazil and I wanted to say how your work inspired me.
    After scrolling your blog to the end, I can say if I wasn't a shoe designer I would be a ceramist!

    I'm about to move and this among all of your beautiful art would be the best present to myself and this new place. I love all about it, the lady, the bouquet, the cat... I know you said it's over, but please please, can you make a piece another one as pretty as this for my home.

    I hope you can. My email is fabimilpares[at]gmail.com.
    thank you and congratulations for such a lovely work.