celinda.smiles when friend N. with familiar cream colored ushanka (fur hat with ear flaps) enters the Mediterranean restaurant. Bad weather and slippery roads didn't keep us from travelling to R'dam to enjoy dinner and movies together.

We order some vegetarian tapas but when they arrive at our table we're a bit disappointed cause the portions are very small. We order a few more but it just isn't enough to fill up. Suddenly N.'s eyes twinkle. He carefully looks around and then suddenly reveals his delicious homemade guacamole with pomegranate from under the table. We laugh and eat it quickly, before anyone sees, and leave the restaurant satisfied.

2 avocados / 1/2 pomegranate / 1 clove garlic / koriander / lime, juiced / teaspoon cayenne / salt / pepper
Try it, it's delicious!

(Even more delicious when you eat it secretly :) 

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  1. We went to that same restaurant last week and we ate a very "creative" paella (the most tipical spanish food). This one had a chicken leg on top of the rice...that was at least misplaced. Thank god we feld blessed by all the saints and jesus figures all around, anywhere you could look other than our plates. :)
    Márcio & Kawus