Yesterday I finally visited Urlaub in Utrecht. Not only for checking up on my 'belles dames' at the shop and meeting kind owner Ellen, but also to do a screenpinting workshop hosted by great designer Femke from Windstilte. It loved it! We learned to print simple shapes on fabric. I designed a kind of tribal shape and printed it on a scarf in black. I finished the design with a pattern of small squares in fluor pink. A simple technique with awesome result! Of course I took home a nice DIY screenprint kit. Oh my, my head is full with new printing concepts! I hope I have time for more printing expiriments soon!

A nice thing happened while I was at Urlaub. After finishing the scarf I walked out the working space into the shop to cool down a bit (I always get overheated during creative process!:) and to have a look at all illustrated things. At that moment there was a woman in the shop and it happened to be Maaike, one of my buyers. What a nice coincedence! I was very happy to meet this lovely lady and see the smile behind the name.

Cushions and towels made by Femke Veltkamp

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